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Is Funny Face Still in Depression?

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another article which talks about funny face

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I quite remember when Adebayor dashed him the Range Rover, he drove all the way to Pokuase to pick me up and asked me to bless him. 

It is rather unfortunate that, he has started putting up some weird behaviours and taking advantage of insulting some of his benefactors using unprintable words. 

He is a public figure so a lot of people expect him to put up good behaviour in the public space. He might be going through emotional, psychological or a mental health issue. 

It's alleged that, he is on drugs. Observing his behavioral patterns and his constant rants and insults of late, it is very unfortunate. He holds the keys of his success in life to himself ONLY!

For him to take Fadda Dickson, Bola Ray and Adebayo to the cleaners and continuously threatening the wife, should be a source of worry. Ɛnyɛ normal! Something is wrong somewhere.

Funny Face will not be the only one going through such a situation but, if he was able to shoot his dog in the presence of his wife, then his threats of exposing those he is insulting, should not be taken lightly though i know Fadda Dickson, Bola Ray and Adebayor will treat it with the contempt it deserves. 

The face can be funny, but the insults is not funny in the face of the public. Massa, yɛ steady na gyae.

He should be taken to the psychiatric hospital immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment. 




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