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Road Accident

Why Road Accidents Are Common In Ghana.

Accidents in Ghana are now rampant in the lives of Ghanaians. So many people miserably and painfully lost their lives, others become injured severely, some succumb theirs and some become fortunate to be cured. This is not only limited to our country, Ghana, but the world at large. Hundreds, thousands and millions death cases are recorded annually and worldwide through different kinds of accidents, which causes fear and panic.

Unfortunately, a lot of us do not ensure carefulness about that and think about how to drive our cars and ride our motorbikes, since our lives are obviously important. We rather have certain bad habits towards our driving and riding, which consequently lead us to our early graves. Through this article, we are going to study the various reasons why accidents are seen so common in Ghana.

1. Alcoholism on the parts of the drivers and riders. This act is very common on some drivers and riders. They take too much of alcohol, which changes their mood and finally make them loose control over the steer when driving, which eventually leads to accidents, lose of lives and being injured. They are usually found in the this habit of drinking at bear bars during occaissions like birthday parties, Christmas, weddings and naming ceremonies. This is not doubt a typical cause of road accidents.

2. Too much of load. Loading a car or vehicle has a certain limit It has to be considered all the time for the sake of accidents. However, some drivers do not take note of this directive, and as a result land themselves in to a problem of accident. How does it happen? It occures when a car is overloaded over its limit and strength. The pressure on the car by whatever is being loaded in the it can easily overweigh the car which may lead to flat tyre, hence, an accident.

3. Poor Road Network. Another reason why accidents are seen common in our country, Ghana is as a result of the poor nature of roads. These roads have potholes which make driving and riding uncomfortable anyway. One may hit a hole or have a steer locked up as a result of the nature of the road, which perhaps can lead such a person to an accident. The most dangerous part of it is when it rains, the potholes are always filled up with water which makes the place very slippery for the movement of cars and motor bikes.

4. Over speeding. They are some of us who do not take our time in driving. We rather speed up. We can fail the break or lose control over the steer. The moment you find yourself in something like this, there's absolutely nothing you can do to escape an accident. Your negligence in this can easily make you to fall in this trap. People who fall in to this category always find themselves in fatal accidents, which they either and instantly lost their lives or have severe and unbearable injuries.

Please, are we are ready to stop these habits of driving and riding if we are culprits in them?

Do you know your life is valuable, for that matter you need to becareful of road accidents?

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