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One Feared Dead At Tema Harbour

On Friday, September 24, around 5:00pm, a long vehicle arrived at the Tema Harbour’s transit yard and was expected to load a product from two containers but due to the pressure up there, they loaded three containers.

Some of the workers were loading the products in the three containers while others were loading goods in the long vehicle.

The workers who were loading the goods in a long vehicle tried their possible best to the extend that, the goods became very high during the loading whiles they were not done with the rest.

Due to the higher level of the goods, some of the workers climbed to the top and continued loading the goods in the long vehicle.

Unfortunately, one of the workers at the top received goods from a person beneath and fell from the long vehicle to the ground in attempt to dispose the goods.

His colleagues quickly rushed down and found him struggling between life and death so they called an ambulance to rescue him but unfortunately the ambulance didn't show up and the worker died.

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Tema Harbour


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