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I smoke for a purpose - Young lady shares how she ended up in the ghetto

In pursuit of her mother, Nana Akua travelled to Accra from her stepmother's house in Kumasi, but she wound up in a ghetto. Akua claims that her father abandoned both her and her stepmother after divorcing her. She made the decision to leave her (stepmom's) home as a result and go in quest of her biological mother.

Nana Akua claimed in an interview for Ghetto Life Story that a friend had urged her to accept a job in Kokomba, one of the major ghettos, which led to a life of freedom and made her forget that she had a purpose for being there.

“I only told a friend about it once, but I never heard anything about it again. I forgot about it and enjoyed life. I've been here for five years, and I have seen a lot and done a lot. You will pick up some lifestyles, and it has shaped my mindset about life. I smoke weed and cigarettes, but I don’t drink alcohol. I’m not into prostitution, and I’ve never done that. I sell drinks. I’ve been doing that for a while,” Nana Akua said on SVTV Africa.

When asked about the benefits of smoking, Nana Akua replied that it helps her think clearly and helps her let go of her problems.“I’m able to eat and think well. If you want to smoke, do it for a purpose like I do. I easily let go when I smoke, and I become calm. If I were high right now, I wouldn’t even talk to you,” Akua told DJ Nyaami.

The mother of three revealed that one of her goals is to find a place to live when asked about her aspirations. so that I can have all of my kids close by. I can work and look after them even if the father isn't there. Although it is good to have a parent nearby, if he is not, nothing changes. I hope to be able to raise my children differently than I did.

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