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Seven confirmed dead at Manso, Ashanti Region

Seven confirmed dead at Manso, Ashanti Region

Apomapon, a community on its own within Manso has been devastated today as seven people lost their lives in a raging fire early in the morning. Apomapon is a community that was built by a Manso King's wife, the Oheneyere of Manso in the '50s. The woman who was to become the second wife of the king did so she can live from the troubles of the first wife. The woman Nana Apomaponaa was the calmest wife who didn't want troubles and disliked the idea of going near trouble or chaotic places. The King then gave her the lands which she developed with her maidservants and turned them into her quarters. At her death, the resident honoured the woman and named the place Apomapon, which has gradually become the final name of the community town. 

At around two o'clock this morning, was when a ranging fire disturbed the peace and stability of people within Apomapon, which took the lives of seven people. The Odum house, which maidservants were chosen to serve the then royal family, was badly affected this morning. The Odum house was a house that was destined to provide maids to worship the then royals, and upon the fading of the royal customs, the women and men in the family became independent. The family members upon their given freedom of not serving anyone again because of the faded kingship customs, took to their heels and were scattered all over Ghana. The majority of the family members are in Kumasi trading at the central market while others are in the north, south, western and Brong Ahafos, multiplying their numbers.

This family had one of their relatives passing on, and they met for the funeral last week Saturday. It was at the funeral that brought all the scattered family members back to one peace, to mourn the departure of their mother. The funeral celebration which ended yesterday after the 40th-day financial accounting discussion, saw many of the members preparing to leave the town today, but couldn't do so because of the fire. One of the family members Owusu, woke up at one in the morning to prepare and leave for Accra because he was to report back to work this morning. Owusu could smell heavy rubber bands burning, but couldn't find where it was burning from when he went around the house. 

He came back to take his shower so he can take the first car to Accra from Manso. He was in the shower when he heard a boom, and couldn't sustain the heat that came after the sound. He came outside from the shower and their family house was on fire, while others were fast asleep. He went from room to room shouting for them to get up. Almost all the members were able to get out except John and his family. John, his three children, the wife and the unborn twins the wife was carrying were all perished by the fire. John who came to the funeral of his mother with his children and pregnant wife could not make it out from the fire alive. 

Their gate was one of the Turkish security doors, and the doors were locked when the fire triggered it. Any attempt they did to unlock the locked doors became unsuccessful. They wanted to break it, but the security nature of the doors made it impossible of breaking, and that trapped them inside the room. The bodies were not recoverable and the family would have to perform a closed casket burial because of the damaged state their bodies went through at the hands of the fire. Nobody was able to puck up anything. The remaining properties and funeral contributions they got from the burial were all set ablaze by the fire.

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