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List Of Five Worst Prisons In Africa That Will Make You Hunger For Freedom.

Prison in Africa are mainly characterised by mal-nutrition and overcrowding, which leads to widespread diseases and even untimely inmate deaths. Thus, some of these prisons are considered to be the worst in the world. Before you continue please Like and Follow me to get notified whenever I make a post.

1) Chikurubi Maximum Prison (Zimbabwe)

This is one of the famous places for the wrong reasons. It is the biggest facility in Zimbabwe. Situated near the outskirts of Harare. This prison is considered the worst jail in Africa, as the prison feature a scarcity of basic needs, such as food, water and blankets. Most of the jailbirds often die of starvation, and it is said nobody even claim for their bodies.

2) Gitarama Prison (Rwanda).

This prison is by far among the most deadliest prison in the world. Holding prisoners who have committed genocide-related crimes. The facility is suppose to take 600 inmates but over 7000 convicted felons. The most traumatising part is that, it has the most deadly inmates who kill each other and feed on the dead bodies to survive.

3) Kinshasa Penitentiary Rehabilitation Centre (Congo).

This prison was meant to hold 150 inmates but rather holds more than 850 felons. Because of its limited space, convicts are packed like sardines with the majority of them sleeping in the hallway and near the septic tank. These unhygienic makes disease outbreaks a common occurrence with the facility.

4) Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison (Nigeria).

This is one of the most famous prisons in Nigeria, and just like the first three, it is also notorious for the overpopulation of the inmates with over 50 sharing a cell. Mores the prison is dubious for the inhuman treatment of inmates by the guards, bad living condition, poor healthcare and high death rate of prisoners.

5) The Mukobeko Maximum Prison (Zambia).

Initially meant to hold one person per cell, but this prison holds up to 15 in one cell. Owing to the limited ventilation in the cell. This jail often encounters outbreaks of diseases. Besides, the same prison is infamous for malnutrition, rodents infestation and warden brutality making it one of the worst correctional facility in Zambia and Africa.

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