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“I’m ashamed and depressed” – Crossdresser attacked by mob cries out

A Nigerian crossdresser went to an unfriendly place in Lagos to film one of his skits, unfortunately, he got more than he bargained for.

The local boys assaulted him, they ripped his clothing and removed his wig.

The crossdresser was manhandled by local boys who were annoyed that he was dressed as a woman while he is a man.

The crossdresser shared a video showing how he was assaulted by the mob. The video shows how a group of people rushed to the crossdresser who was going about his business. He was beaten mercilessly as another person came from no where to pour water on the crossdresser.

The crossdresser also posted a video of himself weeping as he describes how the hoodlums humiliated him. In the video, he cries out for his mental health saying he is ashamed and depressed.

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