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Most Expensive Number Plate In the World

1.Registration number ''1''

The number "1" license plate bought for an amount of £7.25 million by Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri in the year 2008 remains as the most expensive private number plate in the world.

It was reported that he bought this number plate became it is the best number.

2.Registration number ''5''

In the 2007, Balwinder Sahni bought the second most expensive private number plate in the world. He paid an amount of £3.5 million for the plate, a plate that he use in this white rolls royce.

3.Registration number ''28''

In 2016, a Cantonese man was the highest bidder for the number ''28'' license plate. He paid a total of €1744,780 for the plate in an auction in Hong Kong.

The number ''28'' means easy and prosperous in Cantonese, it is believed to be a good luck charm.

4.Registration number ''25 0''

In the year 2014, John Collins bought the fourth most expensive private number plate in the world in the UK with the registration number ''25 0''.

John Collins paid an amount of £518'000 for the plate. It was reported the plate adorns on his £10 million plus Ferrari.

5.Registration number ''F 1''

Afzal Khan who is an entrepreneur from Bradford broke Mike McCombs record when he paid £440,000 for the ''F1'' license plate in the year 2008.

Afzal Khan bought the ''F1'' plate for his Mercedes SLR McLaren.

6.Registration number ''S1''

The ''S1'' plate originally belongs to Sir John MacDonald who was Scotland's Lord Justice Clerk from 1880 to 1919.

The ''S1'' was issued to Sir John MacDonald in the year 1903 which took place in Edinburgh.

Later a buyer bought this number plate for £404,000 in 2008.

7.Registration number ''1D''

Nabil Bishara, a businessman bought this private number plate for a total sum of £352,000 in the Warwickshire.

8.Registration number ''M1''

Mike McCombs a multi millionaire purchase the ''M1'' license plate for £331,000 in the year 2006.

It was reported that he bought the plate for his six year old son.

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