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Is it my fault I slept with two friends?

Akua, please post this for a distressed sister.

Why am I being blamed, I'm not the victim here?

So I met these two guys who happen to be friends at the same time at the place. I instantly felled in love with the tall, rich, handsome one. The other one was short and not handsome, he was not my taste Akua. I didn't fell for the handsome dude because he was rich or was driving a nice car, it was love at first sight, tall guys with a bit of flesh are my taste, his charisma and everything about him melts my heart.

So while I was seriously crushing on Mr handsome, Mr not too fine too was crushing on me, We all became friends.

It all started when I had an accommodation problem and needed a place to perch, so Mr not too nice suggested he will take me to his cousin's house to perch there till I get a place.

Mr handsome didn't come to my rescue at that time, all he could say on the phone was "too bad". So one day, when I was at Mr not too fine cousin's room, he came and forced himself on me and slept with me. I couldn't shout because people were outside the room, and I was scared he will sack me if I resisted.

A few days later Mr handsome came by and gave me some cash for upkeep. He invited me to his house one day and one thing led to another, we had sex. I love him and never regretted it. So Mr not too handsome got to know something was going on between his friend and I, he was pained because he knew I didn't love him and I was denying him of sex so I think he lied to Mr handsome that I have slept with him too.

Mr handsome never asked me my part of the story and believed his ugly friend. He started insisting I hook him up with some of my female friends for a one-night stand. Anytime he makes those requests, my heart bleeds but I so love him. I saw him as a playboy but couldn't stop loving him, so anytime he will request for sex I will have to run and go give it to him, even if he hasn't requested sex, I will beg him to let me come and give him. But he will still request I hook him up with my female friends for a one-night stand. He chooses to pick my call, Akua I'm dying slowly.

The worst is he revealed to me yesterday why he always request I hook him up with my female friends, he said, he wants me to know how it felt like when I slept with his friend Mr not too fine, Akua I got the shock of my life, It never occurred to me that low life would lie to him. I have tried to explain to him what happened, that I was raped, that lowlife took advantage of me because of the help he rendered me but no, this guy won't listen to me. Akua, what should I do?

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