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He Came To My House To Beg Me For Help – Captain Smart

 Captain Smart continues to wage a war against the abnormalities that has plagued the country. He has mounted a strong verbal attack on the government to fix the country. according to him the government has the means and knows what to do the solve the crises. He however bemoaned why successive government have failed to develop the country.

Today, Monday, June 28, 2021 Captain Smart complained about the house rent system in the country. he grumbled about why young people who have just completed school suffer to get a house to rent and work. he raised questions as to why there are housing units in the country and yet those houses have been left to rot. He narrated how one rent control officer came to beg him so he talks to his landlady for him.

“Renting of houses has become so hard in Ghana. If the government was thinking right like they wouldn’t allow the youth to suffer this way. Why is the Saglemi Housing being allowed to rot while people have housing issues? I remember a rent control officer coming to my house. He came to beg me to plead with the landlord. I was surprised that a whole rent control officer could beg. I called the landlady and she threatened to evict the tenant. The rent control guy said that the laws are there but no one will enforce it on the landlords.

Why are Ghanaians suffering to secure houses for rent? Why should a young man complete the university and start work without a house. Nana, you are 70+, can you watch a young relative of yours to be stranded while the Saglemi Housing is left to rot? The youth are suffering. out mothers are suffering. our fathers are suffering” Captain Smart explained

Who is to be blamed for all this? Is it surprising then that the youth are doing anything possible to meet up with the growing standards of Accra and other modern cities?

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Ghana Saglemi Smart


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