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I Killed And Ate The Head Of A Black Dog Before Killing The Kids: Abesim Fridge Storage Killer

Fresh revelations are popping up from the unfortunate incident that happened at Abesim a few weeks ago. The suspect, Richard Appiah has been testifying before the Police and his reasons for killing humans beings seem not to be adding up.

He has confessed to killing the two children but claims he was influenced by a bad spirit. Initially, he started killing black dogs. In one of the instances, Richard Appiah killed a black dog and ate only the head. The dog killing continued for some time until he switched to the killing of human beings. It is unknown what Richard Appiah was using the dogs for, neither has it been established if he used the dogs for any spiritual purposes as speculated by many.

However, there could be a spiritual meaning to his conduct because killing a dog can be normal, but the involvement of the head of only black dogs leaves many questions to ask. There are different types of dogs and if it was only the meat he wanted, he would not have opted for only black dogs.  

After he was done killing the black dogs, he then switched to the killing of human beings. After he was done, he went ahead to kill the two young boys. He again went ahead to store the bodies of his victims in his fridge after dissecting them into pieces. Richard Appiah is also said to have made some demands whilst on remand. According to him, he eats no other food apart from fried rice and chicken.

From how Richard Appiah has been speaking to investigators, it seems the young man has psychological problems. Deep throat sources within the investigating team indicate that Richard Appiah is being examined for possible mental problems. Another revelation indicates that Richard Appiah has been committing the crime alone without the help of anyone and does not live an extravagant lifestyle as speculated by many.

These revelations by the suspect are raising different questions in the minds of many Ghanaians. Some believe that he is very sound and might be behaving strangely to convince the police in setting him free. Others believe that it is just a plan by Richard Appiah to cover up for his accomplices and the police should not believe his mental illness bit. The case is still pending in court and Richard Appiah will at the right time face the full rigors of the laws when found guilty of the offense.

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