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We are now going to patronize men with curvy cassava who can make our intestines shake: Lady says

A ravishing Ghanaian lady has broken the internet with a video which lasted for only fifteen seconds. For a video as short as 15 seconds to break out to being a viral video shows that, the words present in such a video are not just ordinary words. I will leave the link to this video at the end of this article you can check it out for yourself.

Facing the reality, these times are scary times since the hope for the future has been targeted at a certain direction. The youth of today has had their minds being moved to a specific direction which I think should be resolved. Everybody takes a phone, makes a video, and there is one thing they are all talking about.

It is disheartening when you come to the realization that we do not take the most important things into consideration, this generation has made it all about enjoying the bedroom game.

Instead of us talking about things which will make our future very bright, we tend to ignore such conversations and pay much attention to what is supposed to be discussed by only married couple.

A lady who I doubt is a slay queen has got people talking about how some women bring nothing to the table. Many people are talking about the fact that what most women can offer in relationships is their bodies and nothing more. This is very true, taking into consideration their choice of words.

They don't talk about any innovative ideas, their focus is how to be happy in bed. I believe it is good but their is more to life in the bedroom.

This girl had to say that they are no more settling for men with straight "cassava" instead, they like the curved ones because they can enter every hole and also, such men don't get tired of whining their waist. She even made mention of the fact that such cassava can push your intestines out. This is the link to the video.

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