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Road Accident

Three dead as Oxygen Tata truck somersaults at Kumasi

Three dead as Oxygen Tata truck somersaults at Kumasi 

Three people who were in a Tata delivery truck carrying oxygen have lost their lives as the truck somersaulted on the Tredea to Ahodwo road. The driver who was driving the truck was said to have lost focus during the delivery which caused the accident. Meanh Bentu is a 39-year-old man who has been driving for twenty-one years and never has he ever engaged himself in an accident before. He was a school driver driving school buses before Apex Global appointed him to drive their truck. Apex Global is an Oxygen distributing company that delivers oxygen to most hospitals in Kumasi and Sunyani. They are of Apex Alliance who is the main manufacturing company while Apex Global makes the distribution. Bentu the driver who is a beneficiary of the Apex Global social intervention program, received free oxygen from the company during his hospital days in 2016. 

Bentu was admitted to the hospital for heart failures when he ate expired food without knowing. He was placed on oxygen for one year before he was able to recover fully. The family of Bentu was left with no choice but to allow doctors to take him off the oxygen machine when the family couldn't bear the cost of buying oxygen for him anymore. Apex Global came to Bentu's aid when they heard of his condition and provided him with 24hours 7 days of oxygen for one year before he was able to recover fully from his condition. Bentu couldn't be grateful enough and decide to sacrifice his life to the company for their social intervention program which saved his life five years ago. 

He was given numerous training before he was employed to be a driver for the company because of the flammable contents he was going to carry in his truck. Bentu together with his team of loading boys who are his truck assistants, loaded over forty-two cylinders of oxygen into their trucks to deliver to a hospital when they got into an accident this morning. The truck with registration number GN-6505-13 was acquired in its brand new state and Bentu has been the one driving the truck since. He failed to check the truck needed maintenance works on the back tyres as they had lost their strength. The road was slippery after a slight rainfall this dawn, and Bentu lost the steering wheel to the truck when the few drops on the Ahodwo road made the tyres skid of the road. 

The slippery road forced the tyres to skid off the road and crashed the truck at the Ahodwo Offside junction gutter which somersaulted the truck and killed all the passengers on board. The two loading boys along with Bentu all died on spot. None of them survived the accident early this morning. 

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