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What happened to a man who was publicly beating his mother.

Do you have feelings for your mom? Do you believe she is deserving of the greatest? Do you value the many things she has achieved for you throughout your life?

A footage that newly emerged on the internet has shown some people don't really love their mothers.

A teenage boy of Anambra was last seen attacking an elderly woman who was later said out to be his mom.

“Acknowledge your dad and mom,” the Scriptures point out in the second book of the bible in 20:12, and Leviticus 19:3, “Each of you should revere his mom and his dad.”

After the attack, he was swiftly dealt with, as seen by the images from below.

What kind of penalty did he get?

The person in the video can be seen brutally assaulting his mom in a video released by @instablog9ja.

Despite the fact that others pleaded with the young man to stop what he was doing to his mother, he persisted as far as caning her using a rod. He further punched and kicked her. With this occurrence, one can only speculate as to what offense the woman committed to have prompted such vengeance upon herself.

Another video shows him being flogged while tethered to a palm tree. The man kept begging for forgiveness while suffering from the cane's strokes.  

Was the flogging too much of a punishment for beating his mother? Do express your beautiful thoughts below.

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