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Husband and wife relationship

(Sad) My Husband Naps With And Fingers Our 11 Also 7 Years Old Girls - Lady Gave a Sad Story

This is an extremely tragic and amazing story shared by an unknown lady Tima Kumkum on her Facebook page about the awful and pitiful experience between their two girls and their dad, looking for her recommendation and watchers see on what to do. 

The lady keeping in touch with Tima said; "I've been hitched for a long time with 3 children, our first young lady is 11 years, our subsequent young lady is 7 years and the third kid is 3years. A month prior my first little girl began draining for around fourteen days. At first, I thought it was her first period so I didn't actually give a lot of consideration to it yet made a point to direct her." 

"Only 3 days prior she trusted in me and let me know her dad my better half had laid down with her and that came about into her death. Indeed, even preceding that she said he's been fingering her for a few years now. Tima the one that made me frail is that he even fingers our second little girl as well and has cautioned them not to tell anybody or, more than likely they will pass on." 

"Tima what in God's name will cause my significant other to do that to our young ladies? I just couldn't contain my feelings that second. I needed to kick the bucket however I trusted that my better half will get back from work and I went up against him. Just for him to begin crying and begging me to excuse him and it is crafted by Satan." 

"Tima as I'm composing this I'm so confounded in light of the fact that my girls are crushed. I feel I've bombed them in the event that I don't make any move against their dad. Tima this is past me, I couldn't say whether I ought to excuse him so we would all be able to live as one family or report him to family or police. I'm simply not myself, satisfy what do I do? I'm not terrible, but not great either befuddled."

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