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Road Accident

Don't Call yourself a good Driver if you do not know These Simple Secret.

Driving is one of most important thing in human beingspirit daily life now, wherever we go board a car so it has become very essential to take driving seriously. Bad driving can end our lives immediately.

Being a driver does not end with moving a car from one place to another, it has a lot to do with your ability and skills in protecting yourself and other road users. What is the essence of you being a good driver and just hits someone with a car? you can only refer to yourself as a driver not when you have your driving license but also when you can drive safely.

As far as I' m concerned, it is wrong and widely unacceptable for anyone to call him it herself a driver if they didn' t know these simple driving secrets;

1. Using Brake During Break Out of Tyre

If you any of your car tyre burst suddenly while in motion, please never use your brake too hard, it will push pressure on other tyres and rest of the spoilt tyre making you move on the only wheel rim and that will make your car flip over or somersault.

2. Risky Overtaking

Overtaking a vehicle most occurs when the vehicle in front of you is speeding at a rate which is not preferred by, probably because you are in hurry. during overtaking, make sure you check that the car you want to overtake is not speeding more than you, this could lead to coax.

Once you overtake, do not get back to your lane immediately, make sure you check if the car behind you is not at high speed.

Lastly, on overtaking, make sure you honk, I repeat, honk well, trailer drivers always inscribed it at the back of their vehicle that " honk before overtaking" .

3. Getting Stocked In Mud, Snow, Swam

What makes you think you are a driver if you get stocked in snow or mud and you still accelerate? who does that? it is wrong to accelerate your vehicle when you get trapped in mud, it will only dig deeper holes to bury your car tyre.

The best thing to do is to get some gravels and or planks, then place it under the trapped tyre, then try moving out. if this doesn' t work, try to reverse your car, and if this doesn' t work, get a towing vehicle.

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