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Road Accident

Techie Bush Road driver fined for over speeding and endangering lives - A lesson to all drivers

In everything, you must use it with care. Even in hospitals, doctors are patience with sick people, how come you, a driver driving on road to a place. If you don't take time, you will never get to your location and might even die on the road, Police Officer Emmanuel Ashitey said before banking a handcuff on the 31-year-old driver of the Honda CR-V.

Michael Antoh, 31, had disposed of his 2017 registered car like some trash when he took to speed on the Teshie Bush Road to Circle, Accra. Antoh with his five-year driving experience could not slow down and decided the 50km/h road maximum could do more than 80km/h and drove without caution, the police report stated.

Antoh lost control of his car when he came suddenly to a speed ramp which was situated on the road near Kalvary School. The speed ramp which is meant to stop drivers from picking speed on the Teshie Bush City Road did its best to stop the car but landed the driver in a gutter when Antoh couldn't control the steering wheels after the speed rump jumped the car, because of its excessive speed.

The ramp is not the problem here, thousands of drivers have used the road and have all been used it with caution. He was also playing music which took his attention on the road signs, if not for that, he would have seen the speed ramp sign from the Ghana Highway Authority. There is a speed ramp on the road and he should have seen it to limit his speed, the prosecuting officer Ashitey stated.

Antoh Michael will not just be paying a high fine this morning for his accident yesterday, but will also have his license suspended if he is found guilty of damaging public property; the gutter and endangering the lives of civilians. Though the car was wreck beyond recognition but only few inches of the gutter was spoiled and they might attract punishment for it.

Endangering the lives of civilians on the road will suspend his driving licence for up to three years if found guilty. The minimum punishment is six months but that will depend on the gravity of the situation, Officer Ashitey said. 

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