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VIDEO: Check Out What This Man Did In Order To Grind A Lady At A Gathering

Grinding lades has now become part of events. Men who do not feel shy of a crowd grind ladies at parties, engagements, weddings and other social gatherings. To grind a lady backside and feel it well, you need to have equal height with her.

But checking the screenshots from the video in this article, a short man saw the opportunity to grind a tall lady but his height was a challenge to him. The lady was dancing romantically at the gathering but no man gathered the courage to join her so this short man did.

He raised his right leg so that he can grind the lady backside properly but his thing was not up to the level of this lady's backside. He tried to jump and grind but that was also a problem because the lady was not ready to bend down for him to grind her buttocks.

The people at the gathering were captured laughing at this short man because he was really struggling. But a gentleman did him a favour, he brought him an ice chest so that he can stand on it and grind this lady. The ice chest increased the height of this short above the lady's height. So this short man squats on the ice chest and holds the buttocks of this lady in order to enjoy.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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