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Video. Life and death: A bridge began to collapse while cars were on it.

It seemed to be virtually a given that if there is a downpour, a portion of the country will inevitably be inundated. Even though this film was not shot in Ghana, it should serve as a wake-up call to Ghanaians about the need to upgrade our drainage systems.

One can only image the misery and trauma that individuals in the cars in the video were going through.

These cars were crossing a bridge that was highly flooded, as the footage indicated. The flood was so bad that it started destroying a section of the bridge while the cars were still on it. Only God knew what was going through the minds of those in the automobiles. It wouldn't have surprised me if some people were already saying their final prayers.

In addition to the bridge crumbling, it appeared that the flood waves were so powerful that they might easily sweep the cars into the water. This caused the automobiles to proceed slowly, as no one wanted to be involved in such a disaster. There was little the onlookers could do to help save the situation except commiserate with those on the bridge and pray that they would cross safely without losing any lives.

I doubt that anyone wants to be in the situation that these people in the video were in. But the truth is that everyone in this country might be in the same situation, as our drainage systems are manifestly inadequate, as proven by the floods we continue to experience whenever there are big rains. When heavy rain generates a flood that is likely to affect us, we never know where we will be.

As much as we urge for an upgrade to our drainage infrastructure. It is also necessary to emphasize that Ghanaians must abandon the practice of clogging our limited drainage systems with trash. Some people save trash and hope for rain so they can dispose of it in gutters. This mentality is savage, and it is imperative that we put a stop to it. Every life is valuable, yet a single negative attitude can put countless lives in jeopardy.

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