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Celebrated ‘Our Day’ Boy Deserves No Celebration: Meet The Real Heroes

Ghana is currently busy celebrating a young boy who wrote a note to his mother pleading for support on his big day at school. The young boy, Oswald Gennuh, who is a student of the Christ Ambassadors school in the Greater Accra Region has since had his note gone viral with huge brands, politicians, and celebrities offering support for him.

His birthday has since become the talk of the town with some media houses granting interviews and celebrities storming his school to perform on the big day. But I find this funny, that the entire country will spend the entire day celebrated a young boy who deserves no celebration. Growing up, we all used to write letters to our teachers asking for permission to absent ourselves from school. Even though we were young, we were able to write touching letters like what Oswald did and nothing happened.

There are as well other kids who have written touching letters than Oswald did but nobody even heard of them. The question I keep asking myself is why Ghanaians are celebrating Oswald? I still don’t understand because what he did is nothing extraordinary. Maybe, his handwriting and communication skills should be commended and that ends it.

There have been several young people who have the talents to take the country to a different level in terms of development and those are the youngsters that need celebration. I remember TV3 recently in one of their television programs featured a young girl known as Susan who had extraordinary talent. She is just nine years but could dismantle a motorcycle and re-arrange the parts.

This is such an incredible talent that needed celebration. She deserves the push that is currently happening on social media and she can one day manufacture her own version of a motorcycle. Susana is a hero who deserves national recognition. But the politicians and corporate organizations who are celebrating Oswald for our day note are pretending as if they have not noticed the young girl.

It would be recalled a Junior High School student, Kelvin Odartey intelligently designed his own car. He received all the praises and needed a push from politicians and organizations alike to take the country to a different level but he was also ignored. Odartey Kelvin is another hero who deserves recognition and support.

I’m not in any way condemning Oswald, he is such a brilliant young boy but with all due respect, I think he is being celebrated for nothing. The politicians, including the 2020 Vice Presidential candidate of the NDC, Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyamang, and corporate organizations who are celebrating Oswald should revise their notes and support the other young engineers who have the potentials to taking the country to a different level through technology. Let’s remember the real heroes of our country, their talents cannot die just like that because nobody supported them. 

Content created and supplied by: BeaNana (via Opera News )

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