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Greed is a terrible thing

A guy was scammed 100, 000 naira by scammers who told him that they would double his money to 1 million in two hours.

I read the news and I recalled the encounter I had yesterday.

A guy called and told me that he was calling from Eco Bank. He said that I would have problems accessing my account. He offered to help me resolve the issues and required my account details.

While he was talking, I suppressed the outbreak of laughter.

I wanted to laugh because I don't have account with Eco Bank. But I played along. I ensured I exhausted his airtime for more than 10 minutes before he understood that I knew he was a scammer.

He cursed me for wasting his time and called on God to punish me.

I wanted to ask him how God would punish me leaving him who wanted to scam me but he hung up before I did.

That is of course not the first time.

I often have encounters with those online scammers.

When they call, I play along.

They ask my name, I give them.

ATM details, I supply without hesitation.

Of course, I give the wrong ones.

After fruitless efforts, they will begin to rain abuses on me.

Na me you wan scam?

Na me go scam you!

One even called me one day claiming to be Access Bank Customers' Service Care personnel.

Her accent was a complete giveaway.

I advised her after conversing with her for sometime to work on her accent.

I told her that her accent would not allow her succeed in defrauding anybody.

She was furious.

She rained curses on me in Yoruba.

I smiled and hung up.

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