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Video: Heap of Wee Caught Been Packaged By Young Boys

The world has become something else, it has become something else so much that everyone thinks of only how he or she can make money regardless of what their job is and how it will endanger and corrupt the lives of people. 

 It is so disheartening when I was scrolling through one of my social media platforms when I came across a video circulating all around of a group of people seated around what seems at first to be a farm produce, only to look closely and notice the real content of the produce; a heap of Marijuana ( popularly known as wee, ganja, Indian hemp). 

The video saw many young people around the hemp and putting it into black polyethylene bags before tying it with tapes ready to be distributed across the country. 

In the video, one can see a couple of kids below the ages of 12 also at the scene of the incident.

Where exactly the video is taken is still unknown and I edge law enforcement to help stop this from find its way across the country.

Click the video link below to watch the video.

Share your thoughts on the video, do you think the law is working. 

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