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Tempers Flare, Tension High As Youths Chase Elders And Assembly Man In Attempt To Sell Their Field

Hundreds of youths in Kakpayili in the northern region this morning have chased away the elders of Nyab Guma and Kakpagu Gbanglana, all in the northern region together with the area assembly man, Hon Alhassan A. Mohammed for attempting to sell the only land available for recreational activities in the communities.

The only recreational center is used for as a football park, venue for pass outs, weddings and naming ceremonies and also the members of the communities use that field for Eid prayers. It is also the only field used by school children in Nakpanzoo, Lamashegu, Kakpaguyili, Zujung, Naalung and Bilpela, and nearby surrounding communities for their inter-schools sporting activities

This is what sparked the anger of the youths in the community after they saw the elders together with the assembly man demarcating the field and erecting pillars into plots to sell to private persons. They resisted the attempt and mobilised themselves, they stormed the site and with the pressure seen, the assembly man and the elders fled. The youth in that regard warned that if anyone who steps foot on that field in attempt to demarcate it won't live to tell his story.

They sent message across to elders who fled for their lives not to dare make any attempt to sell the plot because whoever buys that plot will have have himself to be blamed.

Meanwhile, some elders of the community and Imams have commended the youths for such a bold and swift action to maintain that field for their recreational activities

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Bilpela Kakpayili Lamashegu Nakpanzoo Zujung


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