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Breaking news; Bullet and a gun found in the food of a prisoner.

Early this afternoon, the Ghana police service at contoment reported that a Lady came to?their station to give a food to her neighbor in cell.

Ass usual the process begun and they searched her to confirm that there is nothing on her which contradicts with their laws. Then they told the Lady to being the food out for them to see.

The pack of the food is for one of the finest restaurant in Ghana.

They asked her to taste a little of the food in their presence to show that she has no bad intention for the prisoner. This process delayed so she became suspicious, the police officers forcefully open the package.

And to their surprise, the content was neither food nor drink but a short gun and several bullets which she was coming to give it to the prisoner to defend himself against the police and break bounds. 

The Lady is now in the custody uf the cantoment police center and investigations are in progress. 

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