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Road Accident

"Eka Aba Fie": Man Crashes Rented Ferrari Car Beyond Repair After Involving In An Accident

The show off level among the youth of today is really unbearable. This can be either due to peer pressure or too much bragging. The kind of friends you walk with would determine your future. Sometimes, some people have to do whatever it takes in order to have the trust of their colleagues which isn't supposed to always be the case. Some people tend to show off because of how they make their friends perceive them to be.

Show off, borrowing of items and the rental of very expensive things such as cars, phones, houses, jewelries and the like have become the order of the day. In some friendshi squad, you are not given the maximum or needed respect if you do not have very expensive items. Some people have to rent cars, borrow iPhones, expensive wrist watches, among several others just to be recognized.

The end result of always borrowing and renting expensive vehicles and the likes is always bad. There have been instances where people get embarrassed by those they borrow and rent these items from. At other times too, the unexpected happens and the items such as phones or cars get destroyed beyond repairs.

The story I have for you today 6not quite different from the aforementioned. There is a video making rounds on social media. In the video, a beautiful Ferrari car which is crashed beyond repair can be seen with onlookers standing by.

It is alleged that the person who was driving the car was involved in an accident leading to the car's current state. A woman's voice could be heard saying that "you rented the car and now it is involved in an accident. How will you manage to pay"? People standing by watched with much surprise and shock. The car has been damaged to the extent that if care is not taken, that would be its end.

Have a look at the crashed Ferrari car;

You can watch the video by clicking on the link below;

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Eka Aba Fie Ferrari


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