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Road Accident

Video Of A Mother Trying To Save A Bus From Falling That Has Amazed people (Photos)

They say a mother's love is incomparable. A mother can die for her child. A mother cannot bear the thought of her child going hungry; our mothers are God's most precious gift. The kind of sacrifices they make are beyond a thousand words. 

A video of a woman who tried to save a falling bus from falling has caused people on social media to thank God for giving them a gift, like a mother. An elderly woman was seen returning from the farm with a maize stalk stick when she saw a falling bus with passengers on a slick road and tried helping the bus from failing.

Photo credit: Owour

The old woman showed motherly love by trying to help the driver find the road to go on, but unfortunately, the bus fell down. She quickly rushed to the bus to check on the driver and the passengers helped opened the door for people to come out. 

Photo credit: Owour

She attempted to pull the bus back, but was unable to do so, and was heard saying, "My children, my children come out ." This made some social media users pray for their mothers and thank the old woman for her good deeds. What do you have to say to this old woman and also to your mother and other mothers? 

Can you take some minutes of your time and appreciate your mother, other mothers in the world and pray for your mother for her unconditional love and thank her for the sacrifices she made for you?

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