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I’m Sorry: It Was The Devil That Pushed Me To Kill My Wife: Man Begs Police For Forgiveness

It appears the bad news is gradually overshadowing the good news in Ghana recently. Now, it is becoming rampant that almost every day, there is an issue of suicide, Accident, murder, or armed robbery. Strangely, innocent people are mostly the victims.

two different accidents have claimed over fifteen lives just on Sunday, a man had been arrested for killing three persons and keeping their bodies in the fridge. It is so sad how matters are panning out in the country lately and difficult to understand as well. Just as we were contemplating on the accident and the refrigerator killer, another man is blaming the devil for killing his wife at Lele, a community in the Bono East Region.

Is this not funny, how on earth did the devil from nowhere pushed you to kill a woman you have lived with for many years? The forty-five-year-old man, Yaw Muntom picked a single barrel gun and moved straight to his wife, Jayon Abyna who is thirty years old, and shot her in the shoulder.

His simple reasons were that the wife refused to serve him food. But the wife also had reasons for not serving the husband food, she asked for money for a funeral in the area and the husband denied her. So it was payback time, she prepared the food, served her nine children, and left without leaving anything on the plate for the husband.

The husband after realizing the act of his wife became angry and pulled a gun. He shot the wife without thinking twice and later informed the police. But he has since regretted committing the crime. He has apologized and asked for forgiveness because the devil pushed him into committing the crime. It would have been prudent if he can show the police where that devil is because his excuses are unimaginable.

However, the laws of the country do not know the devil, Yaw Muntom will be dealt with strictly and if found guilty, he will spend many years in prison. He did not think about his nine children before committing the crime, he did not think about the fact that the wife will die and he will go to prison, he did not think about the fact that there will be no one to look after children.

I always preach about anger management in our lives. It is a lesson everyone must endeavor to take as part of their daily lives. Sometimes, we can relax when there is anger, think about the issue twice, and even take some time out to cool off. Doing only this will save a lot of time.

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