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Irresponsible Haphazardly Dumping Of Refuse, A Nation Wrecker.

As the rains begin to fall hard, other reckless residents have gathered a large amount of trash to be tossed into the downpour, oblivious to the potential health risks. In any case, careless waste disposal is the primary cause of the flood, which has already taken the lives of a number of individuals. As a critical observer, I noted that there were heaps of trash on practically every corner of overheads or overpasses. Almost all of the country's gutters are clogged with millions of pounds of plastic and sand.

How can we restore the country as a whole if the immediate environment on which our lives rely is neglected? Consider developed countries such as Germany, the United States, Australia, and others. They are more concerned about the environment and animals because they understand what it implies if they are not treated properly. Many of the floods that occur every year are caused by the unpatriotic attitude of the main in this country. Everyone dumps wherever they feel it is necessary, and when someone tries to correct them, they are met with hostility and abuse.

Rwanda and other neighboring countries have outlawed the use of plastic products in their respective countries. Rwanda is today considered one of Africa's cleanest countries.

The canal behind Bukom Boxing Arena, which leads into the sea near Kwame Nkrumah Circle, was formerly a river. Our culture of neglect and inadequate upkeep has turned what was once clean and clear water into filthy water. If something needs to be done, the government should impose a rigorous prohibition on the importing and manufacture of plastics like take-away rubbers.

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