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30-year old man slaughtered at Assin Fosu - Kesben Media confirms

30-year old man slaughtered to death at Assin Fosu - Kesben Media confirms 

Whiles men are praying to God for forgiveness of sins, others continuous to hold dear their sins. Unknown assassins has taken over the Assin Fosu township, inflicting severe pains on to residents and natives. The town which has endured peace for so long, is now a town where people are afraid of their lives again, because of the death of Issah. Issah is a resident of Twifo Praso, and a native of Assin Fosu. Twifo Praso, is the district capital of the Twifo Morkwaa district in the central region. The town is commonly known because of the Pra River, which makes a passage through the town. 

Issah lives in Twifo Praso and works as a mason. He was returning home to Assin Fosu to meet his relatives, when unknown people attacked him and murdered him yesterday. He was a man of peace, but nobody knew what happened that lead to his death. First responder who saw him, attributed his death to an arm robbery case, which went on last month. On the 3 of January 2021, there was an armed robbery case that rocked the Assin Fosu town. 

The robbers started their operation at midnight, and ended up causing harm on the Assin Fosu road, for almost two hours. They made away with smart phones, money worth over GH¢80,000 and some diamond jewelries. A boutique operator has just gone to Kumasi to take stock of new products, upon his return to the Assin Fosu town, the robbers met him and took everything away from him. They took all his jewelries which he was going to place in his boutique, for marketing. He cried for help, but the robbers never had mercy on him, and murdered him before taking the jewelries. It was taken that, a voice from one of the robbers on that day, resembled that of Issah's voice. 

Those who couldn't confirm it was Issah doing the robbery, allowed the case to settle, until they found him exactly at the spot the men used to escape. Issah was hiding in the bush where the robbers took to escape, after their robbery. He was self arrested by the traders who were robbed, but he was later allowed to go when they couldn't prove it was him who made the robbery. Issah told the police on the 4 of January that, he saw the robbers robbing people on the road, and decided to escape by hiding in the bush. 

He was coming from Twifo Praso to Assin Fosu when he saw the armed men, conducting the robbery. He couldn't bring himself to be robbed, so he made way to the bush and secured himself from the robbers. It was coincidence the robbers used the place he was hiding to escape, but he was not part of the robbery. Issah was allowed to go free on the 4 January, when no one was able to prove a point at him, for been among the robbers. Many still blamed him for their woes on that day, but the evidence suggested otherwise. 

Issah left Assin Fosu on the 8 of January 2021, after spending few days with his family. He has since not been seen in the town until yesterday, when he was found dead. Issah was found slaughtered with machete eight times, on the MTTU Assin Fosu road. Many believe the assassins who did that, might be from the robbery which happened on the 3 of January this year. If it wasn't that robbery incidents, he hasn't been involved in anything else. He was a man loved by many, but the unproven robbery involvement, made him a forever suspect in the minds of public opinion court members. His body has been taken to the Fosu government hospital mortuary. The pictures are highly sensitive, and couldn't be posted on the platform.

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