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Divorce Affair

Man Finds His Wife In The City With Another Man 6-Years After Her Burial

This is an extraordinary story for a guy who saw his wife Laira Abigail, who died in 2015 and was buried, with another man who was rumored to be her boyfriend.

After a long journey from his town, the man, Uchenga Ikahiru from Kenya, discovered his deceased wife with another person in Nairobi. According to the man, he received the shock of his life when the woman acknowledged that she is the one.


" I can't believe my eyes after seeing her; she's been buried and all of her funeral arrangements have been completed; she can't deny, she's the one," Uchenga explained.

According to reliable sources familiar with the situation, the woman faked her death after being denied a divorce and gave over her husband to live with her lover. " It's true, I had to do this because of how I was treated in that marriage; I never felt happy there, and I wanted independence." Abigail expressed her thoughts.


This same complainant's mom, Portia Laira, had also been ordered by the court to give her an account of what her daughter did. She affirmed that she wanted her daughter to be happy and that she had no choice but to remain silent about her intentions after she had explained everything to her.


In 2015, Abigail was declared dead and buried at her mother's farm in their community (Name not provided). The situation was only brought to light when the guy took her before a Nairobi court to explain herself for making such a daring move while lawfully married to him.


After a lot of drama in the court, the Nairobi High Court Magistrate is yet to make a final decision on the case. Thank you for your time, and please remember to subscribe to this channel for more. Continue to be blessed.

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