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Doctor who Rapes Patients in his Facility Caught on Camera

A licenced health practitioner known as Dr Jonathan Ohene Nkunim has been arrested by the police in Accra for using his facility to sexually abuse women who come to him for medical assistance.

An investigative report by Manasseh Azure Awuni of The Fourth Estate has revealed how the licensed health practitioner of the Nature's Hand Therapeutic Centre at Gbawe, in Accra, uses his facility to sexually abuse women seeking treatment from him.

The investigation reveals the dubious process through which "Dr." Ohene Nkunim acquired 3 licenses from a state regulatory agency that is charged with the power to sanitise practitioners.

"Dr. Jonathan Ohene Nkunim" describes him as a Neuromuscular Specialist and the services he provides at Nature's Hand Therapeutic Centre, as stated on his card, include: "General Diagnosis, Neuromuscular Therapy, Physio Therapy, Detoxification, and Spine Straightening."

However, the Ghana Physiotherapy Association has disassociated itself from the unlawful practice of Jonathan Ohene Nkunim who has been using his facility as bait to sexually assaulting scores of women.

In a press statement signed by the Association's Public Relations Office, it said "The Ghana Physiotherapy Association (GPA) wishes to state clearly that the said man in question, Jonathan Ohene Nkunim, is not a Physiotherapist, neither is he a registered member of the Ghana Physiotherapy Association.

"Our checks with the regulatory body, Allied Health Professions Council, revealed that Jonathan Ohene Nkunim is not licensed to practice Physiotherapy."

"We wish to further state that the practices of Jonathan Ohene Nkunim are against the ethics of our profession," it added.

A business woman narrates her story of how she was sexually abused when she and her husband went to Nature's Hand Therapeutic Centre to seek treatment of having a child.

According the woman, as part of the treatment Dr. Nkunim inserted a probe in her vagina and also massaged her private parts to sexually arouse her.

She said "Dr." Nkunim sent her husband out of the facility to "go and buy an iced block or something and I realised, though he didn't penetrate, it was more like he was trying to have sex with you. He was playing with me down there, getting me aroused and I wasn't feeling comfortable. According to him, that was the procedure."

After that incident, Dr Nkunim started making advances to her and eventually had sex with her without her consent.

She couldn't hide the truth, so she told her husband.  Even though her husband forgave her, eventually, it broke their marriage.

Another victim by name Efua, narrates how the doctors had sex with her inside the facility when her husband was waiting in the other part of the room that has been separated by a wooden partition.

According to her, she had severe pains on her back and could not stand or walk. So she had to be carried by her husband to the facility.  Dr Nkunim made her lie a stretcher to massage her.

She said, "I noticed that he was actually massaging my buttocks and inserting his hand into my vagina. The next thing i knew, it was his penis. At that time I was at the point of desperation.  I was in pain, I couldn't shout, I couldn't stop him actually because I didn't know what he was doing.

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