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Walewale: Man Climbs High Tension Electric Lines And Refuses To Descend. (Video)

People are full of fascinating ideas and viewpoints. I'm not sure why someone would go to such lengths to make something like this. Some people purposefully engage in activities in order to gain attention or create a buzz in the media. Huge Volta is carried by a high-tension wire, which may kill any living organism in seconds. In this case, though, an unidentified man in Walewale has transformed into a bird and found a cozy location to sleep in the sky.

Residents of the Walewale neighborhood awoke this morning to find a weird figure hovering over the electrical lines, according to sources. They got closer for a closer look, only to discover it was a human being. They initially mistook him for a cable robber who had been shocked to death, but after a few minutes, he began situating himself nicely, demonstrating that he was still alive and healthy.

Attempts to allow him to descend have been attempted, but they appear fruitless and ineffective. For added support, the man has tied his left foot around the rope. Before he falls to his death, a crane will be required to get him down.

Isn't it true that high-tension cables aren't visible? How did he manage to avoid being electrocuted? This is something I've been thinking about.

Watch video here

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