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Man's Hand Gets Stuck In A Car While Trying To Steal Phone In Traffic (Video)

If you could clearly recall when you either got robbed or duped by a criminal, you would remember how miserable you felt back then.

When a lot of people narrate their stories of how they got robbed of their items like phone or money while returning from town, you would feel some kind of pity for them when you try to 'put yourself in their shoes'. 

Some people at a point in time got robbed of monies that were not actually theirs but someone else's there causing many to be depressed.

In a video trending online, you would see this young man who already looked wretchedly dressed walk toward a waiting private car and spotting a phone and other things at the back seat made an attempt to do away with it.

He immediately thrusted his hand into the car and struggled to pick the phone while looking around to enable he does not get caught.

Finally, his hand got a grip of the phone and he began withdrawing the hand from inside the car as he thought his operation was successful, but unfortunately for him, he realised his hand got stuck and upon checking, be realised the owner who has been in the car all this while had rolled up the glasses which at this point had pressed his arm hardly to the top side that he could not move his hand.

He began pleading with the driver, but he seem to have had the bitter lesson of his life as the car was driven all around town with him hanging beside the car with his hand still stuck inside.

This is a great lesson indeed, and it is expected that be would never in his life ever think of doing such a thing again when he gets set free.

These are the kind of punishments we need to give theives who try to always outsmart people and do away with their valuables.

With this, you would realize that, the driver in the car was very vigilant and realized from the moment the young man hatched his plot what he was up to. Let us watch out for criminals of this sort so that we don't end up loosing very important things of ours in traffic or in town.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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