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BREAKING NEWS: Five People Critically Injured In Car Crash At Tesano [VIDEO]

"Careless driving leads to death" is one of the road safety rules for all drivers or vehicle owners. In view of this, all drivers are always reminded to observe such rule and other important rules which would lead to their safe and sound arrival. However, most drivers due to several "irrelevant" reasons, do not observe most these rules and this leads to various inconveniences or road misfortunes.

In view of this, a video recorded by a media during an incident on one of the roads in Accra, reveals a vehicle that was crushed and led to some inconveniences on Tuesday, 14th September, 2021 during the afternoon rain. This momentous incident however, was reported into details by a citizen who was available when this incident happened to a media and is now surfing the internet.

According to the reporter, two vehicles from opposite sides of the road, that is, one from Lapaz going to Nkrumah Circle, and the other vice versa. In view of this, one was a green "Picanto" car which was from Nkrumah Circle heading towards Lapaz, whilst sprinter was also from Lapaz to Nkrumah Circle. However, there was a manhole somewhere in to the middle of the road so the green car had to cross to the other road to perhaps save his life.

Unfortunately, the sprinter bus was at a speed so it crushed the green car, which led to several inconveniences. In view of this, two people who were in the sprinter were found critically injured, whilst three people in the green car were also equally critically injured.


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