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Road Accident

Driver collapses after crashing a transformer at Akim Asene

Driver collapses after crashing a transformer at Akim Asene

Nyarko Kenneth has been rushed to the hospital this afternoon, after crashing a high voltage transformer at Akim Asene. Asene which is popularly referred to as Akim Asene, in other to differentiate it from the western Asene, is a town in the eastern region. They are natives of Sene East, who migrated into the eastern region for a better life in the 60's. By an order from the Okyenehene in 1961, they were given the Akim lands to cultivate and settle on it. They have since been living peacefully and multiplying their numbers, ever since they migrated into the neighborhood. 

Nyarko has been living in Asene since birth, and only relocated to Kumasi when he got a job offering. He makes round trip to the town every two months to visit the parents, and mostly do it on week days, usually on his off days. Nyarko started his off day yesterday and wanted to visit his parents this afternoon. He drove from Kumasi to Asene, and couldn't arrive in his father's house in peace, before he crashed into a transformer. Right before his father's house at Asene, on the Aboabo road, was were he couldn't hold onto the steering wheel and lost the Toyota corolla he was driving. 

The junction before the curve that bends the road to the Aboabo town, is where his father's house is, and where he was going to branch and go home in peace, before a little child crossed him. A mother who was standing by the roadside with his little son, could not hold on the son, because of her undivided attention to the phone call she was making. The child who was right beside the mother was waiting to cross the road with the mother, and thought the road was clear before crossing. The son made attempts of crossing the road without waiting for his mother, and that could have landed the child's death, but Nyarko Kenneth's boldness to save the child, landed him in collapsing. 

Nyarko after bending the curve to branch the junction that leads to his parent's house, came sudden with the child who wanted to cross the road on his own, and everyone thought Nyarko will hit him. But he was able to skid his vehicle in the other direction, that saved the child from crashing it, when everyone thought he has killed him. Nyarko's bravery, ended him loosing the car to the transformer, which electrocuted him when the car crashed into it. Fortunately for him, he was in his seat belts which kept him strapped unto the seat without losing his life. 

Residents couldn't go near the transformer over fear of them dying, and called the national Fire Service Team which was three kilometers away from Asene. The team was able to get there on time with an ambulance and a fire truck, which prevented the area from catching fire and Nyarko dying. He was not responding when the team rescued him from the transformer, but paramedics believe he will make it, because of the seat belts which prevented him from great injuries. He was taken to the hospital before 1pm, and was responding to treatment in stabilized state. Residents applauded the fast and hurry manner the first responder ambulance and fire truck responded to the incident, which saved Nyarko's life. Kenneth Nyarko's father has not been told of the news of his son, because of his high blood pressure, but the mother Mrs. Cecilia Nyarko was at the hospital with his son, hoping to see him pull through. Doctors believe, if nothing goes wrong, he should be able to respond fully in six hours time. 

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