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Meet a Guy of 18-years Who Looks Like a Child And People Tease Him Saying He is An Alien

So far we all thought we had seen it all. Unexplained events happen from time to time and when they do, we feel that our problems are nothing in comparison. Meet Sidiveri, a man who was persecuted for being an alien. Tells the story of his son who has a triangular skull and is persecuted because he is called an alien.

Anyone who had seen what had happened to this young man since he was born was in a state of shock and disbelief. On the other hand, this mother is very worried about the welfare of her child because of the trauma she has experienced since birth. When her husband saw the child was born, he ran away at night screaming and saying that she had not given birth to any monsters and that he should return it to the demon who gave it to him in the first place.

He had struggled with life his whole life, and he was doing it now. Liberata says what happened to her is driving her crazy. People avoided him like the plague when they saw the boy as a child, and they still do now. They call him monsters and aliens and everyone is afraid of him.

This man was in constant pain from screaming and his mother was disappointed that she couldn't stop him. The fact that she couldn't share what she was wearing prevented others from helping her. He used to live in the city, but thanks to this young man he is now in his birthplace, far from the metropolis and needs help.

Her husband left her and other ordinary children when they previously lived in the city. In the city, she finds life so challenging that her children are left alone, so she takes them back to her hometown to be supported by family members.

He had no choice but to stand firm and go through with it all because there was no other alternative. The people in his family were very concerned about their well-being and asked them to take the child's life instead of continuing to suffer. He knew he couldn't kill his own son, so he vowed to keep trying until the end.

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Liberata Sidiveri


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