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Sea High Tides Destroyed Properties Of People Living in Agavedzi, Amutinu and Sollakope Towns

Properties Of People Leaving Around The Coastal Line Of Agavedzi, Sollakope, And Amutinu Eroded By The Sea.

The people of Amutinu, Agavedzi, and Sollakope towns situated along the coastal line of Southern Volta have found themselves in a rather troubling situation after they have been swept away by the sea. This occurred recently after high tide waves eroded the shore resulting in the destruction of buildings and the properties they contained. Some residents had to evacuate their premises to go and live with other family members or friends. The livelihood of these people is fishing and since some of their canoes and nets have been destroyed, they are finding it difficult to survive.

Scientists have predicted that the sea level will continue to rise as major ice in the Antarctic ocean and other places begin to melt as a result of global warming. This implies that the situation of the sea taking over land territories will continue to arise.

The people of these communities are calling on the government for a quick and permanent solution to their predicament.

These are the photos depicting the extent of the destruction;

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Agavedzi Amutinu Coastal Sollakope Southern Volta


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