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Drugs we claim, as a result of weird behaviors exhibited by individuals classified as recalcitrants in the nation.

Have you ever wondered why immoral behavior is attributed to drug abuse? Might not be all but perhaps incidents I encountered at Pokuase one evening barely 9:00 p.m on my arrival from Kumasi.

Highway guardrail, considered as a passive barrier, has significant roles. But despite the dangers involved people "citizens" with brains pay no heed to it.

Parking at the wrong place is so uncalled for. Drivers haul to somehow teleport passengers over the highway guardrail to get seated for the trip. Weight is no obstruction.

Advice on drugs hit eardrums to the peak of damage but has zero interpretation to the brain.No pain, no gain has been abused, these 'loading boys' expect a tipoff from conductors of trotro.

As everyone else would want to receive a better gain after pain.

'Bra Mate, Don't retaliate' shouted a woman at the back seat as loading boys brutally abuse the conductor for allegedly giving chicken feed in place of proper tipoff pay for the work done.

'Ne Maame antete no yiye', a man passed.

Another commented' forgive and forget, drug abuse has caused all this.

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Kumasi Pokuase


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