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Theft robbery

Distressing moment when a man used twitter to seek help, as robbers were trying break into his house

A man identified on twitter as Rev. Dr. Kwaku Yeboah Esq got tweeps worried on Wednesday dawn, after he penned a distressing message on his twitter wall soliciting for help. The said man had armed robbers trying to break into their house and in a bid to save himself and his family, he reached out to netizens on twitter and implored those staying around his vicinity to come to his aid, when it was taking long for the police to arrive. Most of the tweeps who saw his tweet had absolutely nothing to do than to tag the Ghana Police service under the post to get them informed.

According to the man, he had a gun on him and tried to scare the robbers away by firing a warning shot, however the noise of their strive to break into the house died out momentarily, but shortly afterward, the noise started as the robbers were still trying break into the house. At last the police arrived and the robbers fled. The traumatizing incident got netizens raising concern as to how dangerous the country has become lately while others questioned why he didn't gun them down since he possessed a roscoe. The victim gave a thought-provoking reply claiming, possessing a gun is one thing and being able to shoot another human being is a totally different thing. Have a look at his post and some comments it generated. 

Perhaps we can all resort to this style to seek help when we encounter a similar incident, nonetheless we must all take caution by doing the needful around our homes to deter intruders. For instance shrubberies in our homes should be well-trimmed to get rid of hiding spots of intruders, moreover we can deter burglars by also illuminating our homes because they are less likely to enter homes with a lot of outdoor lights.

Furthermore these rampant robberies require Ghanaians to also improve our personal securities like getting some dogs, getting alarm systems, break sensors and formidable doors and windows which makes trespassing to your home uneasy for any intruder.

Last but not the least, it is imperative to save the police emergency codes, 112, 191, and 18555 in order to contact them and get swift help in times of robberies or burglary incidents.

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Kwaku Yeboah Esq


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