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Namibia Ranked The Best Country In Terms Of Road In Africa - WEF

Namibia has been ranked by WEF as a country with best roads in Africa for the past five consecutive years.

If you drive from the southern border between Namibia and South Africa to the panhandle region of  Zambezi in north-east Namibia a distance of 2000 km, you will not encounter a single pothole on the road.

Namibia’s quality roads are attributed to the way they are maintained and rehabilitated, not necessarily the way they are constructed or the amount of money they invest in roads.

To ensure the best quality roads local companies are rarely awarded tenders to construct roads. It’s mostly the Chinese who construct large scale road projects in Namibia.

The Roads Authority is a state owned company that supervises the construction of roads to ensure they are constructed accordingly.

The Roads Authority uses performance management systems called KPI.  They have the power to terminate the contract or impose penalties on companies that fail to deliver. 

RCC is a state owned company whose main duty is to maintain and rehabilitate highways by fixing potholes, erecting road signs and painting of road markings. 

The state does not fund roads inside towns and cities. It’s the municipal councils who do that as a result some worst-run towns in Namibia have bad roads. 

Motorists pay annual fuel levies and other levies to the Roads fund Administration, a state owned company. The money is used for construction and rehabilitation of roads. 

Every year the government invests over $ 133 million for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads.

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