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"I Went to Saudi Arabia For Green Pasture But I've Returned With 2 Kids, I've Nothing" Mum Narrates

A lady by the name Merabhas created a lot of talks in the social media after her narration of her experience in the midst of looking for greener pastures in Saudi Arabia.

The young girl, who is now a mother of five children, claims that she was neglected by her parents when she was a child and instructed to find a spouse to take care of herself. Following her humiliation by her parents, she found a man who promised her heaven in return for her marriage to him, she said.

The father, however, began abusing her after they had three children, hitting her severely and telling her to return to her husband whenever she went back to her parents.

After so many humiliations, she decided to flee to Saudi Arabia with her three children in quest of a better life, but that's not what occurred.

She went on to say that after she arrived in Saudi Arabia, things took an ironic turn because everything she encountered was something she never imagined. As a result, she was compelled to quit her job and join a gang of criminals, where she eventually had two more children with two separate men.

She returned as a result of her frustration. She's a single mother of five children who's currently living on the streets.

What can you say about this ladies painful experience? 

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