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Watch What You Eat Outside - Ghanaians React To A Food Seller Washing Her Salad With Soap To Sell

Ignorance, sheer stupidity, or blatant cruelty? A food seller was spotted in a trending video washing her salad with soap to clean for her buyers to consume.

This is one of the many reasons why some people love cooking their meals at home instead of purchasing their meals on the roadside and from food vendors.

They believe that the way they might care about what they consume wouldn't be the same as how food vendors care about what they prepare to be consumed by their buyers.

This particular video is validated their worry about restaurants and roadside food vendors --- as this woman is spotted washing foodstuffs she was going to sell with soapy water, which is not healthy to be consumed by anyone.

Observations made of the video revealed that the woman had genuine intentions of keeping the food clean for her consumers with no knowledge of the fact that she was rather harming them.

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