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Check Out This Woman's Reactions As A Man & Woman Were Doing The 'Thing' Behind Closed Door

In a compound house, it's very likely that what someone says in his or her room will be heard by the neighbour whose room is adjacent to his or hers. In a space with few personal things, the echo of sound is more effective. People who are engaged in private activities such as sexual intercourse must lower their voices so that their neighbours do not hear what they are saying.

The woman in your photo was caught on camera reacting suspiciously to a man enthusiastically bonking a lady in his room in a video skit. The lady apparently heard a familiar sound in her room and went outdoors to investigate. She was standing outside her neighbour's gate when she heard a man 'chopping' a lady inside the room.

While standing at the entrance, the lady overheard a woman being bonked calling out to the man, "Kwesi, you are the only person I care about. Apart from you, I don't have anyone ". "God is there," the man said in response to her. "If God is not there, you will be next," the lady said.

This propelled the woman listening to them to hold her 'thing' and backside in excitement. Checking her reaction, she wishes she is the one being bonked by the man in the room. The enjoyment inside the room was driving this woman standing at the entrance of the gate crazy that she didn't know what to do.


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