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Steps to help you prevent a likely gas explosion. Let's stay safe.

Time changes, seasons come and seasons go. The era of firewood is gradually fading out. Gas cylinders which use liquefied petroleum gas is now the normalised trend.

It has many advantages over the firewood but if not carefully handled, it is likely to cause harm to the user as well as other people closer.

These are the components of the whole setup

Many cases of gas explosions have occurred and sadly, it takes away the lives of its victims. The lucky ones do skip death but then, it gives them brutal injuries.

Let's come together to put a stop to gas explosions. These are things that you should do to avoid any likely gas explosion

1. Make sure there is no leakage before turning on your lighter.

There might be a leakage of gas from your gas cylinder. This accumulates in the room and becomes concentrated. It is advisable that you do examine it to make sure it is okay before bringing fire closer to it. You can do so by smelling if there's the scent of gas in the room or listening listening attentively if you hear the "ffff" sound from the "pressure regulator-cylinder valve junction"

2. Do not fill your gas cylinder to the brim.

Expansion of gas is likely to occur and if filled to the brim, might burst out of the valve if care isn't taken. It is advisable that you leave a space which will provide room for expansion of the gas. Please, don't fill your gas to the brim.

3. Make sure your rubber tubes are intact and in good shape

The rubber tubes are very important. They aid in preventing the leakage of gas and also serve as the valve in the cylinders. Rubber tubes which are not in a good shape stands a high chance of causing gas leaks and fatal home accidents

4. Do not shake your gas cylinder

It is said that some people do shake their gas cylinders to aid them decipher the amount of gas remaining in the cylinder. This is a very bad habit and can trigger an explosion.

5. Keep your gas cylinder away from fire

Some people use their coal pots closer to their gas cylinders. Guess what? It can lead to an explosion. Avoid taking fire close to the cylinder, you may never know if there's leakage.

You can share this to others to create an awareness, let's stay safe.

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