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Road Accident

The Menace Of Road Accidents

The amount of road accidents being witnessed on our roads is quite alarming and very frightening. It seems like the only thing you get to read about of late on any news portal you open. Is that the drivers are just being "careless" or is there more to it. Before I delve into the topic you can see these other articles I wrote concerning our roads, The state of our roads and What our authorities are doing about them.

I look at the road accidents and realize that about 35% of the time from my point of view, had the roads being better than they wouldn't have occurred. That means about 35% of the people who died in these road accidents would still be alive. Whether we like it or not poor roads are a very huge contributing factor to the number of road accidents. Imagine potholes right at the intersection of a major traffic light like the one at the Sakumono estate junction and Spintex traffic light. Everyone is in a hurry to negotiate the curve or cross the traffic from one point to the other. So when you are met with that crater of a pothole right at the intersection which forces you to slow down.

Then there is a very high likelihood of the car behind just ramming into the car in front. Because whether we like it or not we are not supposed to speed at a traffic light, but how many of us obey that rule. Which is another issue to be discussed later on.

You see it is an indisputable fact that the human factor is the largest contributor to road accidents, with the other factor being mechanical. So if we work out the road factor then we can fully concentrate on the other factors contributing to road accidents. It could be an innocent child standing by the roadside waiting to cross the street to go to school then a car with a failed break or a driver trying to avoid a pothole loses control or due to sheer negligence runs this child over. Let's eliminate the need to avoid potholes which most often than not bring about the loss of control of the vehicle or causes some mechanical fault due to the rough or bad nature of the road. I know you see my point here.

The statistics for this year's road accidents for just the months of January and February alone are quite staggering.

You see the human factors contributing to these accidents range from driving whiles drowsy or tired. If you are driving for a long time and realized you are tired, your best or safest bet is to stop at the nearest rest place and take some time to rest. Before getting back on the road, for your safety and those of other road users. Also, it is not soo safe to dump refuse out of a car onto the street be that the car is stationary or mobile. The worse is when the car is mobile, it shocks me when I see such acts on the streets. Because how can anyone feel or think it's okay to dump refuse out of a moving vehicle of all places.

Another cause of road accidents is the use of mobile phones while behind the wheel. It's very unsafe to be on the phone while driving, even if you must receive a call while driving either use a wireless or hands-free device. So you can keep both hands on the wheel as recommended. But the safest thing to do is park by the roadside and attend to your call before returning to driving. This way in the event you receive a piece of surprising or sad news, it does not distract you or cause you to lose so much focus that it results in an accident.

Let's be safe on our roads. Observe all road signs and rules. Let's not forget Covid-19 is still around and let's continue to observe the health and safety protocols in other to avoid its spread or contracting it.


Felix Kwasi Annan

Content created and supplied by: Felix_Kwasi_Annan (via Opera News )


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