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We often sent females from our Camp under the Sea to sell on the streets and market places on earth

This is Bro Oscar's account of some of the tactics he and the Queen of the Coast employed on Earth over the course of their many years of marriage.

He began by stating that when he first began working for Maya, they quickly moved on to infrastructure, installation, and logistics control around the markets. "The devil has dispatched a butcher to sell human flesh to every market on the planet," he continued, surprising. He explained why some people are perplexed by some meat's lack of flavor when compared to real meat.

“When you eat this human flesh, you are subjected to manipulation and initiation,” he continued.

Let me reveal to you, community members, that there is a Python sitting in a certain church who transforms himself into a beautiful lady in order to sell items at your local market. As evidenced by the number of people who stopped to watch her as she walked through your local market the other day, she is extremely attractive.

In your market halls, this powerful witch, who is also a lady Python, has a slew of tables. She is tall and well-built, and whenever she enters a market center to buy or sell, she attracts a lot of attention.”

He told us about how they were selling red oil laced with human blood and how anyone who used it gave the devil legal authority over their lives. He went on to say that Christian intercessors praying and interceding for the market has a positive effect. Angels were often seen descending on market centers to cleanse them of enchantments, witchcraft, and manipulations.

He did warn, however, that once Christians stopped praying and interceding, their tactics and manipulations could easily be reintroduced. Angels appeared in a circle to remove their spells and enchantments when they resumed their prayers.

Female placenta is always in short supply for the goddess of the sea kingdom. Many hospitals have signed contracts with Satanic agents who buy women's placentas for various purposes in Satan's world because many mothers do not receive their placenta after delivery.

When they get placentas from various hospitals, they mix them with formalin to make cube meat and animal meat. The Satanic businessmen who invented cube meat don't eat it. They use other natural combinations because formalin is used to soak the woman's placenta inside the cube meat. The formalin in cube meat weakens God's children's bodies and bones, causing them to be weak and heavy in prayer.

He kept going. “Many Christians yearn to pray, fast, and commune with God. They desire to be closer to God, but due to a spiritual flaw, they are unable to do so. They feel heavy and weak because they eat demon-infested foods and items on Earth; these foods and items have been enchanted and bewitched by the enemy.

As a result, many satanic business leaders buy placentas from different hospitals. When most people ask for their wife's placenta after she gives birth, they are turned down because some of the staff have signed contracts with companies that buy them. The enemy can take a child's destiny and blessing because of the placenta.

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