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I Mistook Him For A Mad Man When He Visited, But I Wept Profusely Over Who He Was (Fiction)

My name is Nneka Uche, a proud daughter of an Igbo man who lives in Oyo State. I learned my lessons the hard way after a sad incident that happened to me cost me my chance.

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I graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University as a competent banker, make my own money and also have everything it takes to be a woman, but still something was missing in my life, any successful woman would be happy about that. and happy to have.

It's been 5 years since I graduated and as I said before, I'm a banker who can offer 3 full meals a day but as unhappy as my life has been, I don't have a man to call my own , someone I can know a husband, someone who is proud to have me as a wife. I was very ashamed of my condition and my parents did serious research to find a husband for me.

Even if I don't have a husband yet, that doesn't mean I'll pounce on a man who crosses my path, at least I like it. However, it still happened to me today that I suddenly returned home to meet a man meet who looked tattered and looked like a madman. At first I thought I could have opened the door and come in out of nowhere as my parents sometimes like to leave the door open.

But I saw something inside him when I entered the house. He sat in a chair like a normal person, but his looks were what puzzled me. Jobs that pay Ghana to work from home? Search ads by Taboola sponsored links At the same time, I got a lot of thoughts about how a madman can enter my house openly and even have the courage to sit in an expensive chair that I bought with my money.

I decided to break the silence and yelled at the madman, yelled at him and molested him, and even threatened to call the police if he didn't leave my house right away. As my voice and tone increased, my parents, who had now realized that I was back and needed to speak to the man, rushed to us, but one thing was strange in the whole situation, the madman never spoke and neither did I. It rained profusely on him, he just sat up and shook his head in a way that indicates disappointment. Before I could act, my parents had come to the madman's aid.

That was what really pissed me off. My thoughts were how they could run to protect a madman first instead of me, their own daughter. His and then my father broke the silence as his anger now seems to have risen more than mine. He said this is why I will never get married. At that point, he said that the man he considered a madman was actually my suitor.

Then I regained my senses. When I tried to wrap my head, the man who was already disappointed was furious as if that wasn't enough. I saw him get into the jeep that was parked in front of our door and it all came back to me at once.

"he said ... He wasn't a madman, he was a rich man disguised as a madman." I cried hard and refused to be comforted, it was actually meant for me, but now it's gone and I never knew if I would find the heart to come back. Since then, my heart has not healed from the hurt I inflicted on myself for never returning.

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