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Man Who Woke Up While His Body Was Being Prepared For Burial Speaks

Death as we all know is the natural end of life. No one will live for ever, we will all die. The natural ways human beings die are common except when the head is directly injured by a blunt force.

Death commonly occur when blood supply to the brain ceases. Usually this happens once and the oxygenated blood supply is never restored and the brain eventually dies. One of the very best ways to die as human is to die by sudden heart attack.

When you die by sudden heart attack, you are not dragged but you go from normal to dead very quickly and very often without pain or distress. However, it is very distressing for the family that is left behind.

In the news yesterday, an undertaker gave a fearsome account of how a dead body he was preparing for burial suddenly resurrected. Samuel Okyere, who who went through this ordeal shared the story with Crime Check Television.

According to him he ordered the resurrected man to go out and sort any issues he may have with his family.

He again made it clear to him that he was only a messenger who had been paid to prepare him for burial.

Following the story, we got in touch with the family of the alleged resurrected man to know what caused his death. They revealed that he didn’t fall sick but passed out all of a sudden.

Speaking to the alleged resurrected man, we asked him what he saw during all the time that we thought he was dead. He said that it would be very difficult to tell what he saw because he didn’t know where he was. The whole thing looks like he was asleep. “I didn’t see anything and I didn’t feel anything”, he said.



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