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Man cries loud like a baby for losing his excavator.

This guy break down like a baby.

On the internet, an emotional video of a man weeping bitterly like a baby surfaced. Two other people watch as the man who was weeping lies down on the floor.

How depressing would it be if anything you've worked for disappeared in the blink of an eye? Suicide is a possibility as a result of this. The difficulty is not only the loss of one's property, but also the loss of one's regular bread.

Atinka TV uploaded the video on their Facebook timeline.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, shows excavator set ablaze. The guy who couldn't control his emotions burst out crying loudly. One of the onlookers attempted, but failed, to console him.

Two more people can be seen in the video being traumatized. It's not enough to claim they're illegally mining because the emotional scene can not be pinpointed to the exact location.

However, several comments criticize the operation vanguard burning of costly mining equipment particularly excavators. Some people believe that the machinery, especially excavators, could be used to drain our gutters.

How can you destroy people's work and properties just because theye haveas no linscens?

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