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Man Fakes Coma For 2 Years To Avoid The Law

Alan Knight and his wife, Halen Knight of Great Britain had a foolproof plan worthy of any criminal mastermind. Alan had just been implicated in the theft of 40,000 euros from the retirement account of his elderly neighbor, and the bobbies were hot in his trail. What did Mr. Knight do to avoid the law? Charter a private plane and hide away in an Eastern European country with no extradition treaty?

Fake his own death and start his life anew as a donkey farmer in Honduras ( note to animators show him literally farming donkeys in neat rows like crops while wearing a Mexican poncho with hat and outrageous big fake mustache)? Go out in a blaze of glory because ain't no way Johnny Law gonna take us alive? No, Mr. Knight was a criminal genius of different caliber. He faked being in a coma. Well, not full-time, but only part time. Yeah, we're kind of scratching our heads over this one too, because apparently the law works q little different in England.

Alan Knight slowly but surely wormed his way into his elderly neighbor's bank account and benefits, stealing over 40,000 euros before the police began to launch an investigation into the matter. By some inexplicably extraordinary coincidence that baffled Britain top doctors, Mr. Knight was mysteriously struck with an undiagnosable illness at the exact same time that police began to prepare to take him to trial.

Knight was initially arrested but released pending a trail, at which time he suffered a freak accident involving a garage door. The garage door had smashed into Knight's spine rendering him paralyzed from the neck down and inducing comatose states that could last for weeks. A paraplegic confirmed to a wheelchair, who couldn't predict when he'd slip into a coma again. He was truly in serious medical danger.

The truth wasn't going to stop Knight however, and when police ended his 2 year holiday by dragging him to court, he showed up in a wheelchair and neck brace, only moving his eyes for the entire duration of his trail. He even wore the brace to get his mugshot taken. He tried to blame the stolen money on his son, who police quickly cleared of any wrongdoing. In the end, he was sentenced to 14 months in prison for his crimes , and his wife to 10 months.

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